As much as I may wish my life played out like a well-scripted Michael Schur sitcom with colourfully ordinary co-workers and witty banter, I more often than not just feel like Abed, faced with blank stares every time I try to reference a show no one else has memorized line for line.

As a result, I’ve been left to endure the polite small talk and painful smiles that actually fill day-to-day life and fill every other waking moment with TV shows, movies and poor attempts at video games. Then I bond with friends as we spend our time talking about said TV shows, movies and – less often – video games.

(To justify my university degree in English literature, I should also mention that I occasionally read a book. There. Education affirmed.)

More often than not, I talk about the different pop culture things I consume and call it conversation. And that’s pretty much the main purpose of this blog – a space to put all that hoarded commentary.

For commentaries on films I watch with my friends, click here.

For my random musings on things from movies that make me cry to awkward moments I’ve had while travelling, click here.

For the story behind the name of this blog, click here.

For links to a few other blogs I write, click here.

For a photo of a comma, click here.

If you’re tired of being told to click things, then stop reading about clicking things and just click it. Or go outside and take a walk. Or do something else. I’m not the boss of you.


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