Jane Eyre (2011)

My rom-com friend and I watched Jane Eyre together because it’s Jane Eyre. Not sure why you need a reason to watch Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester … I mean enjoy a brilliant adaptation of a complicated novel by Charlotte Brontë.

That’s what I mean.

Anyway, if you want to kill some time reading two girls swooning over the rather emotional story of a plain girl named Jane Eyre, read on!

Rom-Com Friend: Okay! I have it paused and ready to go. Now?

Me: Hold on. Where is it paused?

RCF: 00:01.

Me: I’m about to hit play. Play!

RCF: Done!

Me: Universal music!

RCF: I love the Focus Features thing.

Me: Out of focus bubbles!

RCF: BBC Films! We love you BBC!


maeby marry me

RCF: Unconventional wedding, happy marriage.

Me: Well, not really a happy marriage. It’d probably slowly torture me and then steal all my feels leaving me in the fetal position on the floor.

RCF: Soooo true. And offer a light-hearted comedy as consolation.

RCF: Poor Jane.

Me: I know, look at how plain she is. Oh and sad. Oh and she’s also Alice. In Wonderland. But this isn’t Wonderland.

RCF: Certainly not.

Me: Rochester isn’t nearly as handsome as the Cheshire Cat.

RCF: Same grin.

Me: SAME GRIN! Truth.

cheshire fassy

Me: Look! She’s at a crossroads.

RCF: Metaphor!

Me: Literary stuff!

RCF: Beautiful landscape.

Me: If you found out the love of your life turned out to have a crazy wife hidden in his attic who tried to murder him, would you escape to the moors to wander and cry on rocks?

RCF: No … but I live in a city

Me: Oh right. Okay. Fair enough.

RCF: Wet hair sticking to face. Worst!

Me: Push it away, Jane! Pull that hood a little more – that hood is huge. It could house a small family.

RCF: Of weirdos that live on the moor. She has the worst life. A misty moor!

Me: Look! It’s Billy Elliott! Which you still have to watch.

RCF: Yeah … shmeh.

Me: Aww but it’s so good! He just wants to dance! In the ballet!

billy elliot

RCF: Okay, maybe one day.

Me: Oh no. I hate this. I hate her childhood.

RCF: Ugh, I feel so sad for little Jane. She’s had no love.

Me: But she remembers when she did. She remembers her parents. And that’s what keeps her going.

RCF: True.

Me: Like Harry Potter. But not really at all. Because he doesn’t remember them. He just knows they loved him. Somehow. How does he know that? Do his aunt and uncle tell him?

RCF: His aunt and uncle DO NOT tell him.

Me: But how does he know they loved him? Hagrid?

RCF: He remembers a tiny bit. But he gets told later by his parents’ friends. And yeah, Hagrid too.

Me: Ahh okay.

RCF: Awful aunt! But I want to watch Persuasion.

persuasion mrs reed

Me: Oooh yes! She looks much better in Persuasion. This kid has a punchable face. OUCH!

RCF: Good for her!

Me: The servants do nothing. Hopefully they think it’s time he got a beating.

RCF: Bleeding head!

Me: Also Bessie … is it Bessie? She wants to be nice to Jane. The younger servant.

RCF: She’s so scared.

Me: I am too!

RCF: Oh my goodness, I’m gonna cry. What a life.

Me: The ghost of her uncle is in there! And a horribly timed chimney soot explosion!

RCF: Creepy man.

Me: Ugh, THIS guy has a punchable face.

mr brocklehurst

RCF: And stupid hair.

Me: It’s okay, she gets Fass—I mean Rochester.

RCF: Riiiight. Worth any torment.

Me: “I must keep in good health. And not die.” Sassy Jane. Sassy clever Jane. This woman is awful.

RCF: That coat is ridiculous. “It.”

Me: Is that an animal wrapped around her shoulder? Bitch.

RCF: A fur stole. #crossword

Me: Oh, I’ll have to remember that. I like that the aunt is tormented by these words for all her life.

RCF: Yes! Her sassy, earned, northern-accented words.

Me: We need to watch North and South! … Again.

RCF: YES. “He was her brother?”

Me: His face in that moment! Yes. And then I can practice my northern accent.

thornton brother

RCF: This lady is rough.

Me: Yeah, she’s a jaded teacher. “Step out of your fine dress.” Jaded and jealous. Bad combination in an educator.

RCF: Yes it is.

Me: Even worse combination in a wedding planner. One can assume. Those sisters of St. John’s are so sweet. They set out her clean dress with some flowers.

RCF: So true. They are a bit of soft kindness in her harsh life.

Me: She’s had that a few times.

RCF: Even Rochester is a bit harsh, though loving.

Me: Helen at school. Mrs. Fairfax at Rochester’s. Ohh, what’s the name of his house. Not Northanger, or Pemberley, or Longbourn … THORNFIELD!

RCF: Yes! She has had some, not enough.

Me: No, definitely not enough. But enough to keep her going. You should name your apartment.

RCF: Oh my gash, yeah we should! New project.

Me: Yup! We could combine them: Northemberbournfield.

RCF: I love it.

Me: What’s Anne Elliot’s house’s name? You should throw that in the mix.

RCF: I forget.

Me: I’m looking it up.

RCF: The house where they dance on the lawn.

Me: Yeah! The house he buys because he loves her … We need to watch that, too.

RCF: Yes. I have to keep myself from watching it like every day. I want to whip that guy back.

Me: I want that guy to die alone and sad. Poor Jane. Yay for Helen! Sharing bread! Friendship!

helen burns

RCF: Poor little lamb.

Me: “If she hit me I’d get that birch and break it under her nose!” Hear, hear, Jane!

RCF: Awww! “You are loved.”

Me: That’s all she needed to hear! That’s all anyone needs to hear. Friend, you are loved.

RCF: Aww. You are also loved.

Me: Aww friendship! Also, Anne Elliot’s house is Kellynch Hall.

RCF: I so don’t remember that. Fierce? Like Sasha Fierce?

Me: Yes. This is where Queen B got her alter ego from.

RCF: Happy to be rid of her awful life.

Me: The preacher turned missionary who wanted to marry Jane for utility and not for love.

RCF: Ugh.

Me: Helen is so sweet.

RCF: Yes. Poor thing. But she gave Jane hope.

Me: And I’m sorry. But every time a character coughs and dies I think of that Friends episode. When Phoebe and Chandler try to get the engagement ring for Monica and Phoebe is dying, she coughs, “From a cough apparently.”

RCF: Yes!

Me: St. John looks like an angry sheep that’s been half shaved.

st john

RCF: Baaaa … He wants to utilize Jane for sure.

Me: “Say my name! Say it!” “SHEEEEEEEEEP!” That girl needs a proper broom.

RCF: Yeah, that’s gotta hurt the back.


RCF: A haunting whisper.

Me: A sexy haunting whisper.

RCF: Heck yes.

Me: Do all clergymen wear the same hat?

RCF: Yeah. An ugly hat.

Me: I mean, not the same hat, the same TYPE of hat. If they had the same hat, they’d have a lot of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants organizing.

RCF: Brotherhood of BORING awkward men who share a pathetic hat. Maybe that was too harsh.

Me: Nope, not at all. And yet I’d watch that movie hoping for a twist.

RCF: A sexy twist.

Me: Like a reeeaally sexy pretzel. Like a sexy Hobbit.

sexy hobbit

RCF: Warmth! Metaphor.

Me: Heck yeah it’s a metaphor.

RCF: Yay! Dame Judi!

Me: That Damn Judi Dench.

RCF: Aww she worries about feeding her and warming her. Jane has someone to care for her! “I’m glad you’ve come.”

Me: Oh, Mrs. Fairfax. You’re slowly going insane from loneliness. I feel ya! Been there!

RCF: Yeah, me too.

Me: Yeah, you need someone to talk to, which is why we talk like every minute of the day.

RCF: Yeah we do … I can’t be alone with my thoughts.

Me: Like Mindy.

mindy can't be alone

RCF: Just like Mindy. Mrs. Fairfax is a bit o’ a snob.

Me: A wee bit yeah. “Who’s Mr. Rochester?” “Why the owner of Thornfield! Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester!” NAKED LADY PAINTING.

RCF: Rochester likes his naked ladies.

Me: She’s a snob and a wee bit racist. But she’s kind to Jane.

RCF: Another poor little girl.

Me: Yeah … I forgot how sad this story is. Also, does the French nanny have a unibrow?

RCF: Didn’t notice. She’s not a good singer. Or chanteuse.

Me: Ooo la la. She doesn’t live up to her name, “Adele.” You should do your hair like that little girl. All the time. I’ll buy you the bows.

adele bows

RCF: Yeah … That’ll bring the fellas. Nope.

Me: You never know.

RCF: My hair bows could be the new milkshake.

Me: Bringin’ all those cravated boys to the yard. To the yard of Northemberbournfield.

RCF: “Spirit of the North”? Isn’t that the awful movie I watched last week?

Me: Nope. Shadow of the North. Different. Darker. And a worse movie.

RCF: Right … So bad.

Me: So bad. Random ghost appearances. JJ dying right after the sexy fun times. Stupid.

RCF: I’m laughing out loud. So bad. Woman having action in her life. Yes please! Jane knows where it’s at.

Me: Yeah she does!

RCF: Letters!

Me: “I’ve never spoken with men and I feel like my whole life will pass.”

RCF: I hear ya.

Me: I should deliver letters to the post office more often. Through … SHIT. That bird scares me every time. Through dark forests. May run into a man on a horse.

RCF: This reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

jane eyre woods

Me: Me too! “Where did you come from?” “Where did you go?” I’d like to hear Rochester sing “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

RCF: Fassy would do it.

Me: Yeah he would. Little weirdo.

Me: “I must beg of you to please come here Miss Governess.” Don’t have to ask me twice. Except he did have to ask her twice. That awkward moment you realize that was your boss.

RCF: Your sexy boss.

Me: “Something about bad first impressions comes to mind.” – Jane to Nobley in Austenland. I’d be so upset if someone read my writing without asking my permission.

RCF: Oh I know! So personal.

Me: Too personal! He’s impressed by her impertinence.

RCF: Yeah, I love that about this story.

Me: And he throws it right back at her.

RCF: Her actual personality intrigues him and endears him.

Me: They’re just volleying back and forth. Is that the term? Lobbying? No. Something sporty. She keeps up with him with his weird conversation.

RCF: He loves it.

jane eyre

Me: He likes it. As he should. And then he realizes he can’t love her. Because his wife is in the attic.

RCF: He’s a modern man. With some creepy skeletons/wives. In a closet/attic.

Me: He’s soooooo changeable. Piano to guns in two seconds flat. He’s like Moriarty.

RCF: But not quite.

Me: No, not quite. But he could be. Maybe he comes back to life. Like whatshisface in Mariana comes back. STUMP!

RCF: Whoa Rochester, play nice. Or drink, whatever.

Me: Or aggressively play the piano. “Take it away and disembowel it!” That’s one way to tell a child to open a present. I’m going to say that to my nieces and nephews next Christmas.

RCF: “Simple-minded old ladies.”

Me: He’s like Sherlock. He just keeps insulting everyone around him. Except he knows he’s doing it. Sherlock doesn’t so much or just cares less.

RCF: She softens him.

Me: Yeah, she does. He feels her disapproval.

RCF: Cocky ass.

Me: “Do you think me handsome?” “YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES.”

RCF: Truth. His eyes glow.

Me: Also, she says beauty is of little confidence and it’s like Sherlock saying beauty is a social construct.

pretty lady

RCF: But yes both she and Sherlock are right. Neither of them have use for beauty.

Me: “Fact is, Miss Eyre, I’d like to draw you out. I’m bored and would really like to talk to someone because my loneliness is driving me insane, too.” How do you forget a salary? Come on, Rochester.

RCF: Humbug.

Me: Did he just say humbug?

RCF: Yeah, he did.

Me: He’s almost complimenting her!

RCF: Translation: You intrigue me, sassy lady.

Me: I’d like him to have a translator beside him to tell her this. Wrong kinds of pleasures, sir. “Then you’ll degenerate still more.” Wise Jane.

RCF: Look at the pain and emotion behind those eyes. And bitterness.

Me: Understandable bitterness. He’s been running from his awful situation his entire adult life.

RCF: Yes, he has. Quite immature.

Me: Is that a painting of a naked lady with a Brazilian? Did they do Brazilians back then?

RCF: Could be an artistic omission. Or they did that.

Me: Don’t go out into the hallway Jane! She goes out into the hallway in her underwear. She’s like every girl in a horror movie ever.

RCF: Yeah and she gets rewarded.

Me: Yeah she does. Because he does the same thing. Kind of. Waking up pretty slow there, sir. There’s fire EVERYWHERE.

RCF: He’s gotta be drunk.

Me: Ohhh yeah. Okay true.

RCF: I love the light in this scene. Like, the scene looks like a dark painting. So much tension.

jane eyre fire

Me: This is one of the scenes that was released before the movie came out and I think I watched it a thousand times. “I am cold.” This is like when Lizzy says Darcy’s hands are cold but nothing at all alike. Because she’s rejecting him. And she’s cold not him. So I take back what I said. Poor Jane. She’s so friggin’ confused. Like … what the hell, Rochester.

RCF: Seriously. He has her wrapped up in emotions and confusion. Uncharted territory for her. Current lesson: metaphor.

Me: Current lesson: heartbreak. “He’s coming back tomorrow!” *Jane’s heart jumps up into her throat* Mrs. Fairfax so appreciates Jane. It’s sweet.

RCF: She really does.

Me: And yeah she’s simple and racist and a snob, but she’s as much as she can be in her situation.

RCF: Product of her situation and the times. His house is very old.

Me: Yup.

RCF: Even for then.

Me: Look at his strut. “I’m instructed to tell you, if you resist, he’ll come up and get you himself.” The Ingram family is awful. In the book, he’s got a beautiful singing voice. And Fassy has a beautiful singing voice. Toto, Frank, X-Men the Musical.

RCF: That weird corny song he sings in that interview.

fassy singing

Me: He notices that she leaves.

RCF: “I wanted to stare at you more.”

Me: “You seemed engaged … in more ways than one.”

RCF: The way he looks at her.

Me: “Are you depressed? What’s the meaning of this?” Uhh, you idiot. YOU are the meaning of this.

RCF: Men! He’s so curious, and cares.

Me: Panic in his eyes. Poor Rochester!

RCF: Oh those eyes. Despair. “You would??”

Me: “I’m just your friend??” THAT GUY! Isn’t he a Game of Throneser? He’s a Doctor Whoer.

harry lloyd

RCF: I don’t recognize him from GoT. But there’s a million cast members.

Me: Viserys Targaryen.

RCF: Ohhh. The molten gold head guy

Me: Eww is that the guy? Is that how they killed him?

RCF: Yup. He was a horrifying person.

Me: Yeah, he was super creepy in Who.

RCF: He’s good at being a creep.

Me: Yeah he is. “Come with me.” “As you wish.”

as you wish

RCF: That’s a bad wound.

Me: He’s been torn apart by his sister.

RCF: Literally.

Me: Yup. That’s what you get for pulling pigtails. Revenge.

RCF: Mua ha ha. Why would you go towards that door???

Me: Why did she go into the hall in her underwear? Jane doesn’t seem very afraid of things. Or she’s just too curious. Like a cat that wants to be killed.

RCF: Well, she didn’t have time to get dressed then, she thought something was happening. And it’s not like she was wearing bikini briefs.

Me: Which it was. And she knows Rochester is keeping something from her. And I know. He wasn’t even wearing that …

RCF: That coat looks like it would be good for a Mark Darcy moment.

Me: Yeah it would. Or when Darcy is on the dark horse and sees Wickham and turns to ride away. Look at him laying his heart out.

mr rochester

RCF: “I feel like I could live again.”

Me: Jane. You have no idea he’s talking about you.

RCF: Such an intense gaze.

Me: “Jane, of whom do you think I speak?”

RCF: I feel like that would be me. Oblivious.

Me: Me too. Completely.

RCF: “My lovely one.”

Me: He’s trying really hard to be as forward as he can. “She’s a rare one isn’t she?”

RCF: It probably has been me. *facepalm*

Me: Yeah it probably has been! I haven’t talked to a man in over ten years, so I don’t think it’s me.

RCF: That’s a lie. Aaaand she walks away.

Me: It’s fairly close to the truth. She has to process what the hell just happened!

RCF: Truth. Very intense stuff.

Me: Whatever it was, she liked it.

RCF: Also, is she ever going to get dressed? There we go.

Me: What the hell are they doing? Dumb game, Rochester. Idiotic.

rochester feather

RCF: He’s so amused by her. And protective. “The aunt who cast you out?”

Me: So protective. Doesn’t want her to go.

RCF: She has a pure heart. She’s going to see her aunt.

Me: And he wants to overpay her. And she refuses. He’s trying so hard to make her see. He looooves her. He wants to marrrry her. He wants to smoooooch her.

RCF: His reserved smile that whole scene. Sigh. That wretched woman.

Me: How Jane forgives her aunt for this boggles my mind.

RCF: She is a genuinely good person.

Me: Incredible character. I learn more about her every time I read the book. Rochester, too.

RCF: I still haven’t read it.

Me: I hated him the first couple times I read it.

RCF: Helloooo.

rochester wall

Me: He’s waiting for her.

RCF: Hand on back.

Me: She’s excited to see him and realizes this for the first time.

RCF: She’s the only thing that makes life worth living now.

Me: And then *boom* bomb drops. Heart breaks. He’s engaged.

RCF: Adele feels her feels.

Me: Adele and Jane are lost. He’s so happy when he sees her. His strut gets bouncier. Lighter.

RCF: Bouncy hair.

Me: Bingley hair. He’s relishing this moment.

RCF: This speech kills me.

Me: I know!

RCF: The string on his rib.

Me: “And I have a notion I’d take to bleeding inwardly. As for you, you’d forget me.” And he sees her real feelings. And he can’t believe he could be happy.

RCF: And he sees how free from pain she’s been with him. And how she was before.

jane eyre proposal

Me: I love her speech, too. She’s got such gumption!

RCF: Yes, she does. She’s so strong and smart.

Me: They’re just perfect for each other. They make each other better. “Then let your will decide your destiny.”

RCF: They bring each other’s real selves out.

Me: Through all the wounds they’ve been carrying for years.

RCF: “You are my equal and my likeness … You rare, unearthly thing.”

Me: “It’s you, you rare unearthly thing. Poor and obscure as you are, please accept me as your husband. I must have you as my own.” “You love me?” “I do.” This proposal has all the feels! Ackenflack.

RCF: Swoooon. They’re like children right now. Free.

Me: But it’s so saaaaad. Because they’re not! They want to be. He wants to be. She thinks she is.

RCF: Love this scene when he pulls her back.

Me: Poor Mrs. Fairfax. “Am I a monster?” “I’m a monsterrrrrr!” “You’re so young. And you’re so little acquainted with men.”


RCF: Or in my case, old and unacquainted.

Me: Not true! DIFFERENT TIMES! It is wise advice, though.

RCF: Uh, yeah it is.

Me: “Jane Eyre with nothing to say.”

RCF: Love this playfulness montage. It’s how it should be.

Me: Yeah … so cute. But it’s not how it is.

RCF: No. Heavy sigh.

Me: Because gothic novels can’t have playful montages. They’re always tinged in sadness, waiting for the bomb to drop. The veil! You don’t see it in the movie, but his wife breaks into her room and rips the veil in half in front of her.

RCF: Oh that’s awful.

Me: Yeah. Rochester tries to tell her it was a phantom, a figment of her imagination.

RCF: He is stressed.

Me: This is not a happy wedding day.

jane eyre wedding

RCF: He has slight crazy face.

Me: Well yeah. He’s about to break the law and make Jane do the same. This is so sad! Ugh, this is awful.

RCF: “Molten gold on your head!” So, so sad.

Me: That’s what you GET Richard Mason! “This girl knew nothing of this.” You’re not a defrauded wretch! Well … you are a little.

RCF: Yeah, he definitely gave false information.

Me: Yeah okay. A little bit. Okay, a lot a bit.

RCF: He even said, “I have no wife!”

Me: I know, but she’s not! I mean she is, but … ugh. Jane! So humiliating!

RCF: What did she spit on her?

Me: I think a fly … looked like a fly.

RCF: Poor, poor Jane.

Me: Maybe Bertha eats flies. This scene is so sad!

jane eyre laces

RCF: In all her wretched life, this is the worst.

Me: Because she thought she could be happy! This is not a funny commentary! Plain Jane once more.

RCF: It’s a sad movie!

Me: I know …

RCF: This breaks my heart.

Me: He’s sleeping outside her door. ALL THE FEELS! She looks at him like he’s a stranger.

RCF: He picks her up. He cares so much.

Me: Like he picks her up as if she’s nothing. Nothing like weighs nothing. Not nothing like is nothing.

RCF: She does weigh nothing. Did you see her waist?

Me: Because she’s his everything.

RCF: Aww his everything! Such an inwardly tumultuous character.

Me: Bravo, Charlotte Bronte. Look at how he looks at her! He can’t handle the future so he tries to find a way around it. Remember when Lady Edith went through this? “Jane, do you love me? Then the essential things are the same!” She’s so morally grounded.

jane eyre fireplace

RCF: Without her morals, she has nothing. It’s got her through her life.

Me: I know. She’s so strong. “Only cruelty would check her and I’d not use cruelty.”

RCF: Was just typing that.

Me: Rochester!

RCF: He has a good heart. Just misguided given his circumstances.

Me: And ruined by his father and brother.

RCF: Broken, crying men kill me. His face on her waist. Feels.

Me: “It is your soul that I want!” So many feels! “God help me!” Oh Jane. You’re amazing. How you turned out the way you did is miraculous.

RCF: It’s how we’d all hope we’d react, with respect for ourselves.

Me: Amen, sista.

RCF: I’d have made him pay for a cab.

Me: Yeah, but she couldn’t tell him because she couldn’t leave him if she saw him and she knew he wouldn’t let her leave. She has to run cowardly because of all the feels! BECAUSE OF ALL THE FEELS!

RCF: Him screaming gives me chills.

Me: So sad. Hashtag moors.

RCF: “Misty Moors” – I always say it in a Scottish accent.

jane eyre moors

Me: In the book she does take a cab but in her rush to leave it, she forgets her purse inside. And she’s penniless. She did leave prepared.

RCF: Oh that’s sad. Should’ve taken the 50 pounds.

Me: He was safeguarding it.

RCF: Those sideburns are so unattractive.

Me: They’re awful. His character is so frustrating.

Me: “Scorned this weakness, fought hard against it and won.” You are not like Jane and she is not like you, St. John.

RCF: He’s trying to see something in her he doesn’t. Or rather not see what she is capable of, only what he wants her for.

Me: Expectation / reality.

jane eyre expectations reality

Me: Womp womp.

RCF: Seriously.

Me: Ugh, stupid St. John.

RCF: You are ignorant.

Me: Charlotte Bronte was so good at her character studies. I’ve met St. Johns. And he’s so accurate. “You are now rich.” Uhhh … is St. John Ed McMahon?

RCF: Where’s the giant cheque?

Me: Oh man. He should’ve written a giant cheque. Or a REALLY big piece of paper that says “You are quite an heiress.”

RCF: All spattered with snow. Brother-zoned.

Me: That is SO much worse than friend-zoned.

RCF: So much worse.

Me: I can’t think of another brother-zoned situation.

RCF: I’m sure it’s happened in the world. And there have been some disappointed, awkward men.

Me: Also, I’m glad the tradition of mouth-kissing siblings is dead.

RCF: Yeah really. Blech. Mmm, plague and poverty. Sign me up!

Me: “God intended you for a missionary’s wife.” Ohh come on! It’ll be great! You’ll die like right away and … you know … yeah.

RCF: You do not recognize a fellow soul!!!

Me: Am I selling this to you? Maybe you’ll even die on the boat there! Maybe you won’t even make it to India because you’re a slight, petite little woman who’s not in very good health because she’s lived an entire life of oppression.

RCF: Yeah! Death by boat! Wooo!

Me: Like Elsa and Anna’s parents! … too sad.

RCF: Beautifully shot movie.

Me: Beautifully shot by a beautiful director.

RCF: I know. “Enough of love.”

Me: “Enough of love?”

RCF: Blech.

Me: You idiot male. She’s known love! She was tortured by it! But she knows it’s worth it!

RCF: She’s incredible.

Me: So incredible. I love Jane Eyre.

RCF: She can never have anything less than what she had.

Me: Nope. She respects herself. “Say his name. Say it. SAY IT!” “Vampire.” “Frankenstein.”

RCF: Bill Hader.

bill hader frankenstein

Me: His voice is in the wind. So cheesy but I believe it!

RCF: She hears him in her heart and head.

Me: This movie makes her look really unprepared for trips. She just keeps walking away into the wilderness.

RCF: It was a rough time.

Me: But in reality she packs and stuff. She’s wearing a nicer dress. She’s got her own carriage. Why is she running? Why can’t they drive down the driveway? This is like The Holiday.

RCF: What a sinking feeling to see that house burnt.

Me: Right? And she has no idea what’s happened.

RCF: Her hat isn’t doing much. No shade. It’s see-through. Her beautiful sanctuary.

Me: Creepy Fairfax. Just standing there. But so sweet. Aww Mrs. Fairfax. “I would’ve helped you. I had some money saved. You could’ve come to me!”

RCF: So sweet.

Me: “Mr. Rochester would not rest until we were all safe. And then he went in for her.” He’s such a good man, as much as he tries to tell the world he’s not.

RCF: He really is a good man, underneath it all. He hides behind his supposedly hard shell.

Me: Yeah. Trying to keep everyone out. Trying to be independent and alone. Thinking he’s better that way. And in the end he’s blind and crippled and completely dependent. And then Jane comes back … ACK! I JUST GOT STABBED IN THE HEART BY FEELS. Their tree! Where they got engaged.

RCF: Heartbreaking.

Me: Their love is amazing.

RCF: She broke down his walls. And he hers.

Me: She did! He did! They’re living out Jack Johnson’s song! “This hand …” He can’t believe it. And now she’s relishing this moment. She gets to see him happy. Like he got to see her happy when he proposed.

RCF: That’s not a real beard.

Me: It looks like Anderson’s beard in season three.

RCF: Yes.


Me: “Fairfax Rochester with nothing to say?”

RCF: Awwww the FEELS!

Me: Too many feels to even make fun of anything! They can be together!

RCF: Awaken.

Me: “A dream.” “Awaken then.” Feeeeeeeels!

RCF: He was punished for his deception, but then given a new life.

Me: And in the book he got his sight slightly back – enough to see their firstborn child.

RCF: Awwwwww.

Me: You should read the book.

RCF: I don’t know where mine is.

Me: I think I might have two copies …

RCF: In a box somewhere.

Me: So many feels.

RCF: Oh sigh, the music.

Me: I love their love. Such a beautiful film. Bravo, Cary Fukunaga.

RCF: Me too. Too hard people with hard lives became loving and tender together. And found happiness in each other. And they never stopped loving.

Me: Happiness that they never thought they’d ever get to experience. Never stopped loving. They still held onto that love and would stand for nothing less.

RCF: Because there was nothing else for either of them. And they fully loved each other for their beings, not looks or wealth or anything.

Me: Their souls.

RCF: They both sang a song only the other could hear.

Me: “As if we’d passed through the grave and stood at God’s feet equal.” I want to cry. This is so damn beautiful.

sobbingMe: Also the “Focus Features” at the end of the credits is MASSIVE. I think it’s overcompensating.




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