About Time (2013)

Me: Okay. Shower. Greek salad. About Time. That is my plan right now this second right now.

RCF: That is such an excellent plan.

Me: Merci. I thought of it all on my own.


<Ross applause>

Me: “He was the most charming and least clever man you’d ever meet.”

Me: “I can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy unfortunately.”

Me: “It’s not a joke. Why would I lie to someone I’m fairly fond of.”

Me: Domhnall is so cute I can barely stand it.

Me: He’s just adorable.

Me: I want him as my own son.

RCF: Yes! He has such a kind smile too. Kind eyes.

Me: Yes!

Me: Also he’s got a very big closet.

Me: And I said that in a British accent and I hope you heard it that way.

Me: You know his friend is kind of like a ginger Jean Ralphio.

RCF: Yes!

Me: He can also kiss well.

Me: “Thank you, Tim.”

Me: “I’ve never bumped into a genuinely happy rich person.”

RCF: Truth.

Me: All the truth bombs with this movie.

Me: The reason I’m watching it is I was explaining the “live each day” thing to my sister and I almost cried.

RCF: Aww!!

Me: It’s just so beautiful!

Me: Also Uncle Desmond is just the cutest.

RCF: Awwww Imma cry just thinking of him.

Me: He’s even cuter than Domhnall.

Me: I want Uncle Desmond to be my Uncle Desmond.

RCF: Aww yes!! He’s just the sweetest happiest man.

Me: Except on his saddest day..

Me: Also Charlotte is a moron. Who could not fall for his awkward speech about loving her even if she was bald?

Me: Mr. Collins: “What. The FUCK. Do you want?”

Me: Rory: “Who knows we might become.. pals.. etc.”

RCF: Charlotte is indeed a moron. Proved later on as well.

RCF: Aw Rory.

Me: “No matter how many girls there seemed to be in the world, it always seemed to be just me and Rory.”

Me: Yeah she’s a super moron.

Me: Thank you for not being the kind of friend who surprises me with dark table dining.

RCF: Uh never.

Me: This is why you’re such a great friend.

RCF: Well those are pretty low standards. “Don’t terrify me.”

Me: She’s as cute and dorky as him.

RCF: They’re each other’s lobsters!

Me: They are!

Me: When he pokes her back.

RCF: Is that at the gallery?

Me: Yeah. Ugh Rupert.

Me: “Never trust a blueberry.”

<Never trust a blueberry framed quote>

RCF: Love it

Me: Can I have their first date?

RCF: The dinner one? With the prostitutes? And her cutely walking him all the way back to her place?

Me: Yep!!

RCF: I wish you could.

Me: Also thank you for not being the kind of friend who runs into a guy you teased several years ago and then ditches me for him.

RCF: Ovaries before brovaries!

Me: Uteruses before duderuses!

RCF: Heck yes!

Me: “I think I’ll go for… yes. Thank you for asking me.”

RCF: Awww.

Me: She’s so polite.

Me: “It’s very bad for a girl to be too pretty. It stops her from developing a sense of humor. Or a personality.”

RCF: Truth.

Me: She’s a wise lady.

Me: “…the first openly ginger British tennis table player.”

RCF: Aww I love that part.

Me: Me too.

Me: Aww poor Kit Kat.

RCF: Sad.

Me: Uncle Desmond is so cute when Tim announces the engagement and the baby.

Me: “Oh thank god for that. Jolly embarrassing if it had been another girl.”

Me: “Jolly awkward if it had been another man.”

RCF: Hahaha aww.

Me: “Take off your pants!” “I will not.” “Take off your pants!” “Ahhh no! I want two weeks in Bali!”

RCF: That part is so cute.

Me: They’re just so cute

Me: She even plays the horrid song that he wanted.

Me: And she loves that the weather is a disaster.

Me: Gah they’re just adorable.

RCF: Proof that a wedding is not a marriage!

RCF: They’re just an adorable solid real couple

Me: YES!

Me: Their story doesn’t end with a perfect wedding.

RCF: Nope. Or start.

Me: Nope.

Me: It’s a page turn. In a full great book.

Me: Jay’s best man speech is basically Chris Pratt at the engagement party in Five Year Engagement.

RCF: Oh I may need to watch that again soon.

Me: Bill Nighy loves Uncle Desmond.

Me: “Try and marry someone kind. And this is a kind man. With a good heart.”

RCF: Awww. Oh man that movie is the best.

RCF: I’m gonna tear up thinking about the dad son relationship

Me: Well of course.

Me: “And so it begins. Lots and lots of types of days.”


<Oprah crying gif>

Me: “Suddenly time travel seems so unnecessary because every detail of life is so delightful.”

Me: “Never bring a present smaller than a child.” “Oh shut up you smug bastard.”

Me: His daughter is a son.

Me: Also he and Mary are so wonderful with Kit Kat.

RCF: Aw yes they are! I love how they take of her.

Me: And they refuse to leave the hospital.

RCF: Yes!! So sweet.

Me: Their little ginger curly haired daughter is SO CUTE.

RCF: So so cute.

Me: The dresses scene.

Me: “This one?” “Not bad.” “Or this one?” “Trick question isn’t it? It’s the same dress.”

RCF: Hahaha poor man.

Me: The tearsy feels are starting..

Me: “I am so uninterested in a life without your father.”

RCF: Awwww!

RCF: Oh man I remember after we saw that I sobbed all the way back home from the theatre.

Me: Oh I cried and cried every time I thought about it again.

Me: “That was the best day of my life. So this is probably the worst.”

RCF: Awwwww.

Me: “Have we had this conversation before?” “Yeah.” “What happened?” “I rather let myself down. I hugged you.”

Me: I’m sorry if I’m gonna make you cry at work.

RCF: It’s totally fine, I’m alone.

Me: “So he told me his secret formula for happiness…”


<ugly crying gif>

Me: “But then came part two of dad’s plan..”


RCF: SO!!!

Me: “Very good day actually as it turns out.”
“Well that’s a relief. Because if it had been a very bad day I thought I might’ve had to have sex with you to make up for it. Good night!”
“It was a very very bad day. It went very very badly. I got fired from my job and then I killed a man!”

RCF: So very cute.

Me: “Some days of course though you only want to go through once.”

Me: Cue the ugly crying.

Me: “Right. Are we ready for this?” “Course we’re not. Hateful day.”

RCF: *sniff*

Me: His final lesson from his travels in time…

Me: I need to put this on a wall.

Me: Also I’m a complete and total mess

RCF: Awww. A good mess though.

Me: Yeah a very good and feelsy mess.