Want more?

If you feel like following me on Twitter, you can. I don’t tweet a lot. At least, I don’t tweet as much as I used to. Not that you really care. But just know I won’t overwhelm you with too much inanity. (There will be some, of course, because it is Twitter.) You can follow me @amyvanveen.

Also, if you happen to be interested in video games or you would like to judge me as I wade my way through the scary world of gaming, you can check out my blog where I share my tales of inexperience.

Oh yeah, and I was told that I’m annoyed by a lot of things, so I decided to start writing them down and now I’ve got a list of over 450 things that keeps growing. Little things. Like untoasted bagels and being stuck behind slow-walking pedestrians. If you’d like to know more, visit Things That Annoy Amy.

That’s enough self-promotion.

I apologize.

(To understand the name of my blog, read “Comma: An origin story.”)


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