Movies that make me cry: Fundamentals of Caring

Not all movies make me cry. I’m not necessarily a major weeper, but if a movie or a TV show strikes just the right chord, then my tears are a melody of all my feels.

That being said, there are some movies that make me cry more than most – and make me cry every time I watch them. This is one of those movies. (Beware: there are obviously spoilers.)

Every now and then, you find a gem of a movie.

Some movies masquerade as gems, when in actuality they’re just dull rocks that make you really bored. Some are dirty rocks that leave you feeling gross. Some are hopeless rocks that leave you feeling, well, hopeless. Some masquerading gems are too weird to comprehend. Some seem to be going well and then they rip your heart out (I’m looking at you, Frank!)

And then Netflix offers you a buddy movie that’s sweet and funny and, yes, heartbreaking, but it’s also redeeming. It doesn’t leave you drowning in a pit of tears. I mean a pit is involved in the movie, but it’s not a pit of tears. Actually it’s kind of a pit of piss, but it’s quite sweet, you know, once you’ve watched the movie.

Paul Rudd is of course lovely as Ben. Not just because he’s had my heart since his Clueless days and he astounds me with his agelessness, but because he brought a comfortable realness to the role that showed, as his character says, a decent guy just trying to help people out.

Craig Roberts is not someone I was previously acquainted with, so he has no claim on my heart like Mr. Rudd does, but he was so great as Trevor, a young man who voluntarily lives a small life with an uneventful routine, only seeing things through his TV, assuming his Duchenne muscular dystrophy is limiting his life. That is until Ben shows him otherwise – through a week-long road trip to see a few of those hideous roadside attractions Americans seem to love so much.

Their relationship is wonderful and quirky and sweet. But if I’m being honest, that’s not what made me cry. Actually, quite the opposite. Their relationship is what made me laugh out loud several times in the form of everything from a chuckle to a guffaw.

No, the thing that had me crying was when you find out what happened to Ben’s son. I’m shaking my head even as I write this. That’s what had me crying.


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