Confession: Sometimes being courageous is picking a chocolate blindly

Courage can manifest itself in many ways.

Sometimes it’s having a difficult conversation with a difficult person.

Sometimes it’s going to the top of the Empire State Building when you’re terrified of heights.

Sometimes it’s going to an interview for a job you really want and trying not to let anxiety get the best of you.

This Christmas, it was working my way through a box of assorted Purdy’s chocolates without using the included guide.

You may not think this is courageous, but you would be wrong. Forrest Gump told us life was like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re gonna get, but that’s just not true. For the entirety of my lifetime, I have been able to stare at the little guide in a box of chocolates and try to match up the little picture with the little chocolates. Is that a cherry or a caramel? You stare with great concentration at the swirl in the picture and stare at the swirl on the chocolate. You then decide it is caramel and move on because caramel is not your favourite. Is that an almond cluster or a peanut cluster? You stare at the shape in the picture and compare it against the shape in the box. It’s great detective work, but it’s a little cowardly.

So this year, I decided to risk it all by going square by square, row by row.

It has been a wild ride, guys. I highly recommend it.