The suspension of disbelief in period shows

I love a good period era drama, and with the latest that Netflix has to offer, I don’t have to go very far to find a new one. But I do have to say, there’s one thing that still bothers me: the accents.

In BBC’s The Musketeers, for example, we’re to believe the French heroes speak like classic Brits, the French peasantry sound like Hagrid, the French bad guys could be from the streets of London and the French bad guys’ dispensable henchmen are French.

I know that’s just the way things are, but you’d think since the days of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, we’d have evolved a bit more to accept accents in characters that actually suit the character.

I just wish we could have a few more Young Victoriaout in the world. Brits who are British. Germans who are German. Belgians who are Belgian.

I wouldn’t mind just once finding a TV series worth bingewatching where the main actor’s accent is the main character’s accent. The novelty of a French Aramis, a French Athos, a French Porthos and a French D’Artagnan.

But perchance that’s just me.


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