New commentary: Cap’s Winter Soldier

Of all the Marvel movies, my Rom-Com Friend and I like Captain America the least. If you’re personally offended by that, I’m fairly certain I don’t really care.

We enjoy the ones that have a bit more self-aware humour. Like Thor walking into a pet store and demanding an animal big enough to ride. Or anything Peter Quill has ever said in his travels throughout the galaxy.

But Cap takes himself so seriously.

The first one is him fighting a red-faced Elrond. And now he’s fighting a Swiss German who has uploaded himself to an ’80s computer. He’s essentially ’80s Robot from The Muppets. And no one questions the fact that his new BFF is a soldier with wings. Is that not hilarious? Why is no one laughing!

But alas, it’s still a Marvel movie and it has really epic action scenes and I’m preparing for our Captain America: Civil War viewing in a few weeks.

Click here for the commentary if you’re bored and looking for something to read.


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