New commentary: Sleeping Beauty in a new light

You notice different things when you see something through the eyes of a child.

And that’s exactly what happened to me when I sat down with my six-year-old niece to watch Sleeping Beauty. A Disney classic.

sleeping beauty

Albeit a Disney classic I didn’t grow up with because apparently it didn’t air on the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights and therefore was not available for us to record onto VHS and add to our collection. I first watched Aurora’s run-in with a stranger in the woods and the best evil witch in all Disneydom a couple years ago, when the naivety of youth was still lingering. Now, though, that naivety has been pushed aside by an oft-jaded eye.

The movie adaptation of Briar Rose that had more of an impact on me was Maleficent, which caused me to cry and have mascara-smudged raccoon eyes in a movie theatre.

Sleeping Beauty, though, is an entirely different beast. I got a feminist pang in my heart when my niece got excited by Prince Philip stalking Aurora in the woods. And I tried to restore things a little bit by explaining to her the story of Maleficent, though I did have to disclaim that she was too young for it, but that one day I’d like her to see it.

Because true love’s kiss isn’t from a stranger in the woods who thought you were pretty and had a nice voice. True love is (sniff)… true love is Angelina Jolie (sniff sniff)… Angelina Jolie coming to adore and (blinks quickly)… and protect young (sniff)… young (sniffle snort)… young Aurora (wipes tears).

So obviously I had some things to say about Sleeping Beauty while watching it but I couldn’t say it with my niece because I didn’t want her to have the same jadedness as her not-six-year-old aunt (at least not yet). So I messaged my friend while watching it and a commentary was the result.

Click here to read it.


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