That awkward moment: Danny Tanner celebrates his 30th birthday

I know I’m not the only one to recently restart Full House. After all, Fuller House was shockingly better than I expected and the nostalgia was just too great a temptation.

And here I am, casually working my way through season one when BAM. I’m blindsided.

Danny to Uncle Jesse: “Just because you’re 24 and I’m… I’m…”

Everyone: “30!”

Hold. The friggin’. Phone.

Danny is only 30 years old?

Uncle Jesse is only 24?!

I’m just sitting here, on my couch, shocked. I’m not sure how I feel about any of this. Neither is my friend. We’re both working our way through Full House again and she’s an episode ahead of me. So when she told me, I responded with:


And then I got to the birthday episode, and the shock of it was too great, even though she’d just told me. Her response was:


Neither of us know exactly how to deal with this news. I may have to pour myself a drink or two. Or just cry myself to sleep.

Danny Tanner is 30.

Uncle Jesse is 24.

It was bad enough knowing that the Elvis and Bullwinkle references in Fuller House went right over the heads of youths. And now this.

Danny Tanner is 30.

Uncle Jesse is 24.


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