Overeager customer service youths

The youths who work at my local grocery store are overeager.

I’m not disparaging a work ethic in the young. In theory, I completely support it. The next generation is talked about as apathetic, lazy, self-centred, etc. Just like my generation was talked about. (I’m pretty sure that just describes teens in general, so really society will probably be just fine in the future.)

But the ones who work at the grocery store by my house need to calm down lest I punch them.

People don’t go to the grocery store for a good time. It’s an errand and nothing more. And since it’s not my preferred grocery store chain (because we all have one – admit it), I usually end up going there either tired on the way home from work looking for crackers to pair with soup or tired early on a Saturday morning when I realize I have no milk in my house for coffee purposes.

But then there they are.

“Hey! Good morning/evening! How are you doing today? Oh I love this/these milk/crackers! They’re so good! Yum! What are you making for breakfast/dinner? Oh how fun! And how will you be paying today? Alrighty, just put that chip in the ol’ machine there! Ha-ha-ha! Isn’t life glorious? Isn’t life a treat? Isn’t this cold/rainy/sunny/cloudy/hailstormy/apocalyptic weather just lovely? It just makes me want to sing!”

No, young sir. You need to learn from the jaded middle-aged employees you work with. And shush.


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