Confession: I might be a hoarder

I like to keep things because of sentimental reasons.

I’ve got it totally under control, though. When I moved I even recycled my four-foot stack of magazines.

Well, okay, I mostly got rid of them. Now it’s just two feet of People StyleWatch and Glamour. And it’s a decorative element in my TV stand, so it’s totally legit.

Today, though, I decided that my collection of heels should be dealt with, considering I never wear them anymore and some pairs I’ve maybe worn once.

For a while, heels were my weakness because they made my feet look so damn good (even if, after a few hours, they’d make my feet hurt so damn good). Some people impulse buy gum. But I impulse bought heels from the clearance section. But it’s time. It’s time to be honest that these shoes are taking up precious shelf space. It’s time to say goodbye.

So, cue music, an ode those heels that murder my feet within seconds of putting them on.


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