Do guys teach guys how to shoot the same way they teach girls?

My latest Netflix bingewatch has been the surprisingly wonderful The Musketeers, a BBC One show about, you guessed it, those musketeers. Because apparently we can’t get enough of them.

I was wary about starting it because the last Musketeers adaptation I thought I’d try to watch ended up being so bad I had to stop it after 10 minutes. (Sorry Luke Evans and Matthew Macfadyen, I really did want it to work out.)

Anyways, I was just watching an episode and D’Artagnan teaches his friend/landlady/forbidden love interest how to shoot a gun. Now, it wasn’t a huge surprise to me when he smirked at her first failed attempt and found an excuse to walk up to her, slowly put his hands around her waist, lean over and whisper instructions in her ear, but it did make me wonder – is there any other way to teach a person how to shoot a gun?

Do guys teach guys how to shoot like that?

“Hey bro.”


“I see you’re trying to shoot that gun.”

“Yeah, bro.”

“Here, let me show you…”

I’m not saying that this method is bad, I’m saying it’s odd that only women are taught how to shoot like this. And it’s not always bad that women are taught how to shoot like this, because many a romantical moment has resulted from such a scene.

I am saying, though, that maybe we should be aware of how often this scene is used (and probably overused) and perhaps consider how nice it would be if there were a few more realistic gun training scenes. Like that time The West Wing‘s C.J. Cregg didn’t want Mark Harmon’s assistance when learning, which resulted in a moment that made me laugh out loud:


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