New commentary! The wonders of Jurassic Park

A couple weeks ago my friend informed me that Jurassic Park was going to be on TV, “hosted” by Steven Spielberg and Chris Pratt.

jurassic park

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do that night, it being a warm, sunny Friday night, but thanks to her, I suddenly had plans.

So while she went out into the world and saw a movie in a theatre like a normal human being, I wrapped myself up in a blanket to combat the chilliness of a basement suite, poured myself a glass of wine and messaged her my thoughts like a crazy person.

I think I saw Jurassic Park once when I was a kid, because, well, I must have. What child in the ’90s didn’t? But the problem is I was very easily scared as a child. I had to be driven home four years in a row when a friend of mine made us watch Jaws every year on her birthday and I was too scared to fall asleep without my mom near. So chances were, I probably sat near a TV that had Jurassic Park playing, but my eyes were either closed or averted for the full 127 minutes.

Click here to enjoy the commentary of adult me still being a little bit scared.


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