Bored with a pen: Part deux

If you’re a super cool party person who reads my blog, you’ll know I’ve recently given temporary pen tattoos a try. This is part two of that continuing adventure.

I still can’t think of anything important enough for me to have as a permanent mark, but – now more than ever – I am loving the look of the wrist tattoo.

One kind-of-great thing about temporary tattoos is how cutesy and trendy you can be. As soon as you permanently ink your body with something like a treasure map, it can get weird real quick and you can be left wondering if you’ve just made a huge mistake. But when it’s pen, you just wash it off and you’re free to try something else the next day.

I think this should become a thing. And I will gladly take credit for this new trend. (As long as it doesn’t become the thing everyone hates and then blames me for.)

Here are a few more that I’ve tried:


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