That awkward moment you get the giggles during a serious movie

The Theory of Everything is really, truly a great movie.

I was pretty mad at Eddie Redmayne this award season for stealing all of Benedict Cumberbatch’s awards, because The Imitation Game was the first Oscar-nominated film I saw this year and it broke me into a million tiny pieces – in the best way possible. It’s an incredible film with heart-wrenching performances all around.

And then Eddie stole Benedict’s Golden Globe and said an awkward, bumbling speech and I was a little peeved. But before we could get too angry, my friend and I decided to watch this award-winning performance in time for the 87th Academy Awards.

And so we went to the theatre to see this Stephen Hawking biopic and it was, admittedly, quite wonderful. Eddie did a brilliant job and was matched by his co-star Felicity Jones’ amazing performance as the formidable Jane Wilde.

The great thing about The Theory of Everything – and The Imitation Game, for that matter – is the use of humour throughout it. Real friends, real people, with actual senses of humour, making jokes and living their lives. So I laughed pretty hard when Eddie-as-Stephen was going around his living room in his electric wheelchair yelling out “EXTERMINATE” like a Dalek.

And then (spoiler) Jane and Stephen had their third child. And Felicity-as-Jane was holding this baby in a christening gown, and I whispered in shock, “That is a massive baby.” And both my friend and I lost it.

theory of everything baby

To the point where neither of us could get control of ourselves.

Tears were streaming down our faces. Our giggles were kept as silent as could be, but trying to be silent with your giggles somehow makes you laugh even harder. At one point I had to turn away from her because seeing her laugh as hard as me just made me laugh even more.

So I apologize to anyone in the theatre whose appreciation of that tense scene was interrupted by two women who could not get over the shocking size of an infant who looked as though he weighed more than both his diminutive parents combined.

And I apologize, Eddie Redmayne, for being mad at you. You did a great job and you deserve your new gold friend.

eddie redmayne


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