Bored with a pen: My foray into temporary tattoos

Recently I was scrolling through HelloGiggles, and I discovered an article about adorable tattoos. I’ve always liked wrist tattoos, but I’ve never been able to think of anything I would want inked on my body for the rest of my life.

I wouldn’t want to do a joke because, as I’ve complained about on Things That Annoy Amy, a tattooed joke is a dead joke.

And as much as I love pop culture things, I don’t want to be that person who has a fandom tattoo because how do you explain that to your great-grand-nieces and -nephews?

“Oh yes, kids, that’s a scar and a pair of glasses because of Harry Potter. He was a character in a book turned movie! He was awesome! Well, no, he’s not anymore, I guess. Yeah, you know him as the great-great-grandfather of that character in that holographic web series written by J.K. Rowling’s granddaughter. He’s not an old man, though. He was a kid once. And I was a kid, too. Which is when I made the idiotic mistake of getting this tattoo that I can’t explain. *sigh* Never mind.”

If I were to do a tattoo, I’d want it to be something meaningful and not just to get a tattoo for the sake of a tattoo. And then I was staring at these simple ones and holding a black pen in my hand and curiosity mixed with a touch of boredom got the better of me.

Hence my foray into a daily temporary tattoo as a means of stretching a creative muscle and feeling cool every time I rolled up my sleeves. (Except for when the ink rubs off on my desk. That’s less cool.)


One thought on “Bored with a pen: My foray into temporary tattoos

  1. These are too cute. As a person who has a butt load of permanent tattoos – I’m wondering if this would have been a good start?
    hehe =)

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