What if an adult acted like a kid?

Just imagine this scenario for a moment: You’re eating crepes for dinner with a friend and things are going swimmingly. Then, randomly, they stand up, take their rolled-up crepe in their hand and walk away. They walk around the kitchen. They walk beside your chair. They stand about five steps away from you. Then they put their crepe down and immediately forget about it as they go to reach for a second crepe. This would be odd coming from an adult, no?

My friend and I were talking about our nieces and nephews when we realized there are things kids do that they can completely get away with that, if adults were to do them, would be questionable and would probably make them that weirdo who no one wants to invite to a party ever.

What if, for example, someone waved at you and you were so proud of them that you clapped and cheered every time they waved. Or maybe not waving, since that is a skill we all learn at a young age. But what if someone in your office learned how to use the complex printer and when they did it you cheered and clapped in awe. Every time they used the printer.

What if you were talking to someone and they just started stripping in front of you and then wore their t-shirt like a hat?

What if you were having a conversation with a friend and someone came up to you guys saying, “I have a story like that! I have a story like that!” and then went into this long, confusing and often choppy speech about something not at all related to what you were saying, but they spoke so quickly you could not get a word in edgewise?

What if someone told you – proudly – every time they farted or took a number two in the bathroom and then giggled about it? What if they shouted from the bathroom about their recent expulsive accomplishment?

I would not want to be friends with this adult.

I would not want to be friends with someone who made a joke and, because you laughed, makes that joke fifty times in a row, expecting you to laugh every time.

Luckily, though, these things aren’t coming from an adult. They’re coming from adorable kids who are filled with wonder and aren’t yet jaded by the world around them, so when you clap for their accomplishments – be it waving, making a joke or going to the bathroom without incident – it’s because it’s actually pretty exciting.


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