Travel tales: That time I was not coordinated in a bakery

Coordination in a bakery? Is that actually a thing that’s required to purchase baked goods?

Yes, apparently you do.

Because when I went into the German bakery Middelberg (a chain that’s scattered throughout Deutschland with the terrifying motto “Baking friends”), I did not yet possess the coordination to take a paper bag, take the tongs, open the glass door, pick up the pastry and put it in the bag with the tongs.


So this one time, I was holding the pastry bag with one hands and the tongs and pastry in the other. But then the pastry slipped out of the tongs and onto the floor – the floor! 

And what did I do?

I did what any respectable, awkward Canadian would do: I grabbed it with my hand, shoved it in the bag, paid and left without another word.

Embarrassment level 10: Achieved and survived.


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