Confession: Some home decor confuses me

Recently, I got my own place and I’ve become that person I was trying to be when I first discovered Pinterest.

I’ve become the person who now gets excited when bolts of pretty fabric go on sale instead of a cute pair of shoes I’ll only wear when I’m feeling sad.

I scroll through page after page of Apartment Therapy (thank you so much, Apartment Therapy, for enabling my obsession!) and pin thing after thing. But I still have a few questions when it comes to making your rental space a home:

1. At what point does the number of candles in your home go from cozy to Phantom of the Opera-y?

I mean, for one thing, we do live in an area of the world where we get regular and fairly undisturbed access to electricity. There are the occasional blackouts when some idiot drives into a pole or a gust of wind somehow knocks out power, but for the most part we are fortunate enough to flip a switch and save our eyesight. And yet, the sheer number of candles in some decorating posts astounds me. I love them. I love the look. But then I think, Is this really necessary? Really?


2. How do you wash those adorable throw pillows? And on a related note, how do you sleep on sequins?

I can’t be the only one who loves a good pillow. I don’t know what it is, but if I’m sitting on a couch, I like to hug a pillow at the same time. It’s especially important for burying your face in when you’re watching a show that may (a) scare you or (b) make you laugh so hard your landlords think you’re dying. So I like to make sure I have several on hand. But because I also tend to fall asleep on my couch when I’m too lazy to walk to my bedroom, those throw pillows are subject to the oils of my face and the drool of my open mouth. At which point I wonder, how do you wash those adorable ones all covered with fur and sequins and bows and flowers? And how do you even sleep on the ones with sequins? Does your face become embossed? Is that a thing now? Is this a new trend?

3. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 

Could you go on trend and buy that leather sling chair? Yeah, you totally could. If you wanted your guests to feel like they were sitting in a skin hammock.

leather sling chair

Can you put up shelves filled with heavy glass objects above your bed? Yeah, sure, but if you live in an earthquake zone, you have only yourself to blame for the harm that will find you. You know that decorative chair that’s more a unique piece of art rather than a chair? You can buy that, absolutely! But you’re also going to have to deal with guests who are afraid to sit down or, if they do sit down, will have an expression of immediate regret and slight panic.


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