That awkward moment you cry and turn into an X-Man

Never had to write the singular of “X-Men” before. Presumably it’s X-Man. Or X-Woman as the case may be. Doubt it would be X-Person, even though that’s more politically correct, because it’s not X-People. Although maybe, if Professor X were to have started his School for Gifted Youngsters nowadays, it’d have to be X-People. Think on that a little.

What was I saying?

Oh right. That awkward moment when you cry in the movie theatre and come out looking like this:

xmen warpath

And it’s not even like I have his powers. I just happened to have the same unfortunate eye makeup as the guy.

I was just innocently watching Maleficent in the unavoidable 3D and there was a teary-eyed moment. Unfortunately, I have dry eyes and that mixed with the fact that 3D makes me forget to blink meant the little bit of feels-induced eye water caused the dam to break.

And more than a few tears happened.

Which meant the mascara I had so carefully applied that morning was finding its way around my face as I quickly tried to brush away the tears.

Thankfully I have the kind of friends who let me know when my makeup is better suited for an apocalyptic time-travelling superhero movie. And the situation was fixed before strangers pointed and laughed, and kids ran away screaming.


2 thoughts on “That awkward moment you cry and turn into an X-Man

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