New commentary: Doctor Who‘s “The Day of the Doctor”

For those who don’t know what “The Day of the Doctor” is or even what Doctor Who is, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

i'm sorry i'm so sorry

Doctor Who is a British national treasure. It originally started in 1963 and was on 26 years straight before ending with the seventh incarnation of the Doctor in 1989. There was one TV movie with the Eighth Doctor in 1996 and was then fully rebooted as a television series in 2005 with the Ninth Doctor, Mr. Christopher Eccleston. That’s when I first met the Doctor.

Classic Who (pre-2005) is a huge binge-watching undertaking, so I borrowed a friend’s copy of the Ninth Doctor’s season and started, hoping to just get through it until David Tennant, who I knew was adorable.

The thing with Who is you don’t know you’re hooked until it’s too late. I was just working my way through season one trying to get to David Tennant and I ended up loving Christopher Eccleston and all his smiling sass. And then David started as the Tenth Doctor and I didn’t think he’d live up, but then he was so unique that I soon couldn’t imagine another Doctor. And then in 2010, after three seasons as the Doctor, David Tennant hung up his trench coat and passed his sonic screwdriver onto Matt Smith. I had no idea if this baby-faced raggedy man could live up to the standard set by David, but after just one episode I couldn’t imagine anyone else.

And then 2013 happened. Fifty years of Doctor Who called for a 50th anniversary special starring not just Eleven, but Ten as well. Matt Smith and David Tennant plus the mysterious John Hurt as the Doctor we met only briefly at the end of season seven. “The Day of the Doctor,” this 50th anniversary special, was to be shown in theatres in 94 countries. Thankfully, my friend was recently converted to Whovianism after months of pestering from both myself and her other friend who shared my affinity for the blue box, which meant I got to see it in theatres not by myself.

Then she told me we had to dress up.

I’d never done cosplay, though I had been introduced to it since joining Tumblr and following the official Doctor Who blog where I received a crash course in this obsessive fandom. Another reason she wanted to dress up was because she found pretty much the exact jacket Rose Tyler wears in the last few episodes of season four. Plus she’s blonde and short like Rose, so it made sense that she’d dress up as her. Since I’m tall and owned both a leather jacket and a plaid shirt, it seemed like an easy decision to turn myself into Amy Pond. The only trouble is we’re kind of awful at taking photos of ourselves. And this occasion was no different.

So essentially, as Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, we looked like this:

real amy and rose

Subtle enough to look like normal human beings, but still participating in the fun of dressing up, we walked into the movie theatre and were quickly surrounded by suspenders, bow ties, trench coats, Chucks and an array of Tom Baker scarves. It was really fun to be part of something so unabashedly nerdy and, to top it off, “The Day of the Doctor” was glorious.

Recently we decided to watch it again and write about it for our friend’s benefit. Unfortunately, he wasn’t actually online when this happened, which meant it was just my friend and I messaging each other while sitting two feet apart and spamming him with notifications.

Click here to read it.


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