Another Pride and Prejudice commentary

Yet another Pride and Prejudice commentary.

I realize that you may not be that interested, dear reader, but I also realize that sometimes you just want to read through commentaries or … is it just me?

Commentaries of movies you’ve seen, that is. No point in reading a commentary of a movie you don’t know. Not only is there a risk of spoilers, but you also have no idea what the person is talking about. But I personally love commentaries, well, funny commentaries.

I first discovered the funny commentary thanks to my collection of The Office on DVD. Listening to the actors and writers talk about the creative process and laugh at the fun they had making those scenes made my heart leap and my stomach hurt. (The sore stomach was from laughter, not sure if that was obvious …)

Anyways, here’s another commentary between my friend and I. I had recently discovered North and South, which is talked about. It’s really too bad my friend hates Richard Armitage. She has such a disdain for this poor, handsome, brooding fella that I’m required to refer to him as though he’s Voldemort, as in “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “HWMNBN.”

Poor Armitage.

ns pp

If you have some time to kill, hope you enjoy reading through this commentary. (Bonus: I added photos with this one.)

Read it here.



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